Business Intelligence Strategic Consulting


Gartner has again identified BI as the number one technology priority for CIOs. As BI becomes ever more widely adopted, the information available to employees continues to expand. However, many BI projects fail to deliver the expected business benefits.

For BI to be truly successful, the solution must consider much more than just technology or data. For BI to transform the performance of a business, users must be empowered to act upon the information supplied to them and change the way they work. The most effective way to achieve this is a strategic approach to delivering BI.

BISC work in partnership with companies to develop effective
BI strategies

These strategies help our customers deliver new BI solutions, get the most from existing BI implementations and identify future BI requirements. By developing a robust BI strategy, companies can minimise the cost of the implementation and support while maximising the benefits delivered. At BISC we work with our clients to develop enterprise BI strategies that encompass all of the following areas:

  • Company strategy
  • Business process reengineering
  • Project sponsorship
  • Co-ordinating business and IT
  • Data availability and quality
  • Solution design
  • Software selection
  • Solution delivery


We believe that BISC is in a unique position to provide advice on BI strategy due to the knowledge of our people and our independence. All our consultants have extensive experience of delivering BI solutions gained from working with end users, software vendors and major consulting organisations. We are also independent of major software vendors and we focus only on developing BI strategy and not technical implementation services. This allows us to offer advice that is truly in the best interests of the client.

BISC works at all levels within the organisation. Whether a company is looking of a global BI strategy or simply wants to improve the information available to a particular division or department, BISC provides help and support in meeting your strategic BI needs.

If your company is currently considering one or more of the following activities then BISC can help.

  • Assessing company BI readiness
  • Identifying key business areas where BI can add value
  • Development of business cases and ROI justification
  • Undertaking future BI strategy and planning
  • Assessing project sponsorship and raising the profile of BI
  • Reviewing the effectiveness of existing BI strategy and solutions
  • Selecting BI software solutions or engaging implementation partners
  • Undertaking project implementation reviews
  • Assessing project success

If you would like further information regarding the services we offer or would like to discuss how we can help your organisation please contact us at or call +44 (0)20 3286 9065.

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